All for under 10 Euro!

We had a great weekend exploring Albania, and I’ll update with a post on that soon. Today I wanted to stop at the bakery for some bread, and then I went to a small store down the street for some cleaning supplies. JR and I battled on whether or not we could have a housekeeper before I get a job, and he won, I’m sad to report (even though he had logic on his side, I still thought I had a chance!).

I’m still surprised by how affordable things seem to be here. Coming from DC, it’s a big change. Although, I’ve been told certain items are way overpriced (like avocados for $10 each. Good thing I don’t eat those.) Here’s a picture of what I got today:

I purchased the bread and apple turnover at the bakery down the hill for .65 cents. I don’t know how you say Euro cents, but the point is, under a dollar.

The store owner was very helpful, and with his decent English, and my excellent gesturing and acting out what I wanted to clean, he helped me pick out the cleaning supplies. I also got gummy bears for JR, some strawberries and potatoes, and soap. It was 8 something Euro. Now I just need to put those cleaning supplies to use…

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