Coming up with titles for blog posts is hard if you don’t have something specific in mind. So…I’ve got nothing for this one.

Here’s what we’ve been up to the past few days.

On Saturday, I went with a small group to Camp Bondsteel, the military base in Kosovo. It was about an hour drive, but worth the trip. I’ve never been on a military base before. They have a large post-exchange, which I think is like a commissary but I’m not certain of the difference between the two. I stocked up on snacks, chicken, and a few other household items (like ziplock bags. I never realized how much I love ziplock bags.). I don’t have any pictures to share, because when I thought about taking them I also thought maybe that’s illegal since it’s the military. I also didn’t ask anyone to confirm that suspicion because it could have been a dumb question either way.

We had a lazy start to our Sunday and then decided to walk around downtown for lunch and groceries. We were trying to find a specific restaurant called Renaissance II, but it was impossible. The directions say it’s hard to find and there is no signage (why not? no one knows), so we walked behind buildings, in alleys, all over the place. No luck. We asked 3 different locals and they’d never heard of the place, despite the fact that it’s listed as the number one restaurant in Kosovo on TripAdvisor. We gave up and had lunch at a cafe on Mother Theresa Boulevard, which is a walking street with lots of cafes and stores lining the sides.


We were surprised at how many people were out and about that afternoon. It seemed like all the tables at each restaurant were full. People love to sit and drink coffee here, and have a tendency to do it multiple times a day for long periods at a time. This could finally be the year I start drinking coffee!

We also stopped to see the Newborn Monument. The monument was unveiled on February 17, 2008, the day that Kosovo declared independence from Serbia. Initially, the letters were all in yellow, and everyone was invited to sign their names. It was repainted with the flags of the countries that have recognized Kosovo as an independent country.


photo (1)

Yesterday, we got exciting news that we have been unofficially approved to stay in our temporary apartment! We hope to have official word within the next week or so. Although we would have been fine with moving into our originally assigned apartment, this place is a bit larger, and we are already settling in, so we’re happy that we won’t need to move again. Once we have the rest of our things, I’ll post some pictures of our home.

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