Rugova Gorge

This past Saturday we went on a CLO-sponsored trip to Rugova Gorge, which is near the Montenegro border. CLO stands for Community Liaison Office, and they coordinate family events, trips, and other things to do in the area. Sort of like the social chair for the FS.

The drive to Rugova was beautiful. As soon as you get outside of Pristina, the mountains and scenery are so nice to see. But it’s still unnerving the more you drive up into the mountains, at least for me. The windy roads, steep inclines, and when the last few miles of the road is actually just a dirt path, I start to worry about getting stuck. Or falling off the side of a cliff. Or both, even.

We had a group of about 16 people, and most people were planning to take a 90 minute hike to a lake. Others who didn’t want to hike could relax at the restaurant and drink wine. Tough choice, right? I did want to see the lake, but the hike was classified as difficult. Still, I did start with the hikers, and I lasted about 5 minutes. It was straight up hill, no warm up, nothing! I had flashbacks to a hiking trip I took with my family to Coopers Rock, West Virginia. It did not go well. I’ll spare you the details, but at one point I thought I would never get off the mountain. (Krissy and Kristen, I bet you two are having flashbacks right now!)

So, I threw in the towel and parked myself at the restaurant. It was nice, I chatted with some new people and read my book. JR did the hike and he said it was great, so thanks to him we have some pictures to share!








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