Weekend Update

We had a pretty low key weekend. JR had a toothache last week that was getting increasingly worse. It’s recommended that for any type of health issue, to first contact the US medical staff here. So he did that, and they suggested an oral surgeon for him, and handled scheduling the first appointment. They also sent a staff member with him in case he needed any support, translation, etc. After a quick x-ray, the dentist (doctor? surgeon?) confirmed that a prior root canal wasn’t done correctly and needed to be redone. JR was given the option of having it done here, or being medically evacuated to London for the same procedure.

While it was comforting to know that the med-evac was an option, it seemed a tad extreme for a root canal. JR felt confident and scheduled the appointment, and it went just fine. It was also super cheap – only 30 euro! He’ll have to go back in a few months to get a crown put on, so it will be interesting to see how much that costs. We might both be getting a lot of dental work done here!

On Sunday we got a grill!! SUPER EXCITING once we got that little guy home. We went to one of the bigger grocery stores, which also sells electronics, clothes, and some household goods. I thought for sure they’d have a selection of small grills, but we didn’t see any. So I asked an employee. Now, you really can get by with English here, but inevitably, when we are lost or when we need a specific item, we can’t find someone to understands what I’m asking. Case in point, the grill. The first guy led me to a griddle, then a rice steamer after I asked for a grill or BBQ. So with the second employee, I used my excellent charades skills to act out lighting the fire and flipping hamburgers on a grill. (JR walked away at this point, because he said my charades were not only embarrassing but also looked nothing like grilling). The helpful employee led me to a nice selection of high chairs. Not so much what we needed. Alas, we went to another store and found a small charcoal grill right away. Woo hoo!

I’ve had hot dogs for 2 nights in a row, and I really have no shame about it. I’d be content to have them for dinner again tonight, but I feel like going out to dinner. So maybe hot dogs again tomorrow. 🙂

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