Boosting the local economy

That’s what I told myself (and JR) I was doing when I scheduled a manicure-pedicure appointment. I’ve heard that locally, a manicure would likely just mean a polish change. For my poor toenails, I’d have taken anything at this point. I don’t have polish remover and my last pedicure was well over a month ago, so it was getting pretty embarrassing to show my feet.

Based on the recommendations of another blogger, I made an appointment at Quality Salon, which is pretty close to our place. While I was scheduling, the woman advised me it would take up to two and a half hours. I was surprised – surely they would be doing more than a polish change – but as it turns out, I’ve got some spare time on my hands so this was not a problem.

The outside of the shop is very cute, and the inside is small but clean. The owner spoke excellent English, and that was helpful because the woman who did my nails, Mare, spoke very little English. However, I think she quickly understood that I’m incredibly ticklish and sensitive during a pedicure, because I kept jerking my feet back and laughing.

Although they don’t have the most modern or commercial equipment (for example, my feet soaked in one of those smaller, at-home style foot baths) the service itself was excellent. She spent a lot of time doing massages, using various lotions and scrubs, and she even had the warm booties (I cannot think of what to call them. Mitts? They wrap your feet and hands in plastic and then stick them in these things and they get warm. Those things.) She also did a paraffin wax treatment on my hands. And like so many other businesses here, they have free wi-fi.

It’s not easy to paint my fingernails, because I’m a terrible biter, but Mare did a great job. I was really happy with how it all turned out, and I will definitely visit again. I’m going to work on convincing JR that it’s like, my civic duty, to try out their different services (especially the massage and facial) and rate them. That theory sounded better in my head, but I’m still going to work on it.




I was thisclose to posting a picture of my polished toes, but they look a bit chubby. And who really likes pictures of feet anyway?

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