Karaoke in Kosovo

Some highlights from the weekend:

* Friday night we went to dinner at Pacific Rim, which is a delicious restaurant about 5 minutes from our place. Sadly, we were informed they were shutting down after the weekend. (Restaurants and other businesses open and close here constantly, often with little notice or explanation.) To make the most of it, JR and I participated in our first (and last) karaoke night there. So, I’m a terrible singer. Not just, oh she’s not great, but more like it’s possible your ears will bleed when I sing. Knowing that, I was determined to be a background singer far from the microphone. But then, someone with excellent musical taste put on John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, and the screen stopped working so we couldn’t see the words. I couldn’t let that beautiful song go unsung, so I took a microphone and did my best on the verses while everyone else joined in on the chorus. I was embarrassed and proud all at the same time. After that, I figured I might as well keep singing, so JR and I put on Rocky Top and treated everyone to a full display of our ridiculousness.
* Saturday morning Amy picked me up to go grocery shopping. I didn’t need to get much, but the main thing on my list was frozen blueberries. Of course, Viva Fresh did not have any. Amy said she wasn’t in a rush, so we went to Albi Mall, which is right beside Viva. It’s a mall with a nice grocery store inside. Although I did find a type of beer JR likes there, still no luck on the berries. Now we were determined to find them so we decided to try the City Park store on the way to the airport. It took us no less than 30 minutes just to find the store, because it’s practically hidden. But, we struck gold! Not only did they have frozen blueberries, they also had Leffe, a Belgium beer JR loves. I bought a whole case. We’ve been told if you find something you like, you better buy it right then, because it’s possible you’ll never find it again.

His side of the fridge, and my side:
photo (5)

* We played Texas Hold ‘Em with some friends Saturday night. I was the first person out, which surprised no one, because even though I made myself a cheat sheet of what the best hands are, I still got confused.
* Yesterday, I was feeling very domestic and thought I was capable of making home made macaroni and cheese. I looked up a few easy recipes online. I had the pasta, milk, butter, and shredded cheddar cheese. What could possibly go wrong? This picture doesn’t do justice to just how unappetizing this looked. The cheese congealed and was very stringy and not coating the noodles AT ALL. And this was after I spent HOURS (okay, ten minutes) over the stove making the milk and melted cheese mixture. What a let down.
photo (6)

* I get that we live in a different time zone, but it still throws me off sometimes. I knew the new season of Dexter was starting last night at 9pm back home. So around 10pm our time, I got all excited, thinking I could download the new episode and surprise JR with it. Well, when I went to start downloading it, JR got nosy and asked what I was doing. I told him my genius idea, which he promptly shot down. Because it was only 4pm back home, meaning Dexter had not yet aired, and whatever I was downloading that claimed to be the newest episode was probably a computer virus. Oops.

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