City Bus Tour

This morning I took a break from this:


To go on a city bus tour set up by the CLO. We were scheduled to meet at the Embassy where they had a van ready to drive us around to point out restaurants, shops, and other points of interest. Our first stop was the Green Market, which is a fairly large open air market where people sell everything from fruits and vegetables to clothes and extension cords.





Next we wandered into what might be considered the bridal district of Pristina.





We drove around some more and passed by the library, which has a rather unique look. I realize you can’t see the building all that well, but that’s because we were in a moving vehicle. And because I’m a terrible photographer. I’m working on it.


And no tour would be complete without seeing Bill Clinton Boulevard, and the statute of Bill Clinton.




Yeah, not my best photos. After the tour, our little group decided to stop at the new commissary that was just opened at the Embassy. They have a lot of frozen meat, cheese, and GARLIC BREAD (JR, stellar husband that he is, brought some home for me on Monday, and it was delicious.) Anyway, it’s a small store but it has a lot of great stuff and it will be really useful when we don’t want to make a trip out to Bondsteel.

Okay, back to unpacking!

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