It’s possible that I have too much time on my hands

It’s very exciting and cool that we live in another country, and JR is hard at work doing important things. My day to day, however, is a bit more low key. Of course, this will hopefully change once I have a job, but for right now, I’m kind of loving it.

I have plenty of time to watch movies JR is not interested in seeing. Shockingly, Pitch Perfect is one of those. It was fantastic. My mom called just as I turned it on, and she started to give me a hard time. She said, you should really be out doing things, not watching movies all day. I told her I had already been out today – which is true, there is a new family here and I took the mom and her little boy on a little tour, and we walked downtown to get her cell phone set up, and then we had lunch. As my mom was going on about wishing she had time to watch movies all day, she said that she can almost do the Cups song from the movie. (If you don’t know what that is, you should YouTube it.) The point is, she’s clearly spent a lot of time working on that routine, and here she was getting on me about my free time!

So after I finished the movie, obviously I had to YouTube the same song, but I don’t have the hand-eye coordination (or ability to keep a beat) to do it myself. With a few hours to go before JR gets home, it seems the best use of my time is to YouTube some of my favorite musical performances.

First, a word about YouTube. It’s amazing. I mean the internet and technology and all that is amazing in general, but YouTube specifically is so cool. You can find almost anything.

My first search was “Jani Lane Heaven.” I have an obsession with 80’s hair bands, and Warrant and this song have a special place in my heart. Here is my Warrant story. I was probably 7 or 8, and they had Heaven as their hit song. I was in love. My parents said we could see them in concert that summer. Unfortunately, I was committed to attending a Girl Scout overnight camp on the one night they were playing nearby. I was beyond devastated. My parents wouldn’t allow me to skip the Girl Scout event and went without me. (Believe it or not, this story gets worse.) So I’m off at camp, most likely sobbing by the campfire, while my parents go to the concert and enjoy their lawn seats. Well, all of a sudden, body guards brought Jani Lane out INTO THE CROWD IN THE LAWN, and stopped basically dead in front of my parents, and he performed Heaven right there.

They were there and I wasn’t. I’ve never gotten over it. Warrant still tours, and my friend Caitlin was cool enough to go see them with me a few years back. But unfortunately, Jani Lane left the band many years ago, and passed away in 2011. So I never got to see him sing Heaven. But thanks to YouTube, I can!

I think tomorrow I’ll watch all three Free Willy movies (my sister bought me the commemorative DVD for Christmas). Unemployment really seems to suit me.

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