Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car

Our weekend started off with great news – our car has arrived in Pristina!


I am super pumped to drive. I’m less excited about parking in our garage. It is teeny tiny. First I tried reversing in, and that didn’t work. Then JR hopped out and tried to give me directions, and I was still not getting anywhere. The guards on mobile patrol were passing by, and they tried to help too – in between laughing and pointing. When I finally managed to get the car into the garage, I got a bit too excited and rammed into our freezer with the front end. Oops.

I’m told it looked something like this:

So, I’ll try to work on that.

Also this weekend, JR was skeptical (I feel like I’m always writing or thinking that sentence. I think he spends a lot of time being skeptical of me.) when I told him I really wanted him to watch part of Keeping up with the Kardashians with me. I gave up KUWTK last year. I realized that I was fast-forwarding most of the episodes, and that I hated every single person on the show, except sometimes Khloe. And occasionally Kourtney. Anyway, so a few people had mentioned to me that the Kardashians went to Greece and that I should check it out, so I did. At first they were in Mykonos, and since that’s not where we went, I didn’t really care. But then they did a boat tour and I was practically yelling at the screen – they went on the exact same boat that we were on! I got JR to watch and he agreed it was pretty cool to see Captain Ted, George and Nancy (the boat crew) on TV with the Kardashians. In the next episode, Kourtney and Scott had dinner at Dimitri’s, the same restaurant we went to in Amoudi Bay. It was very cool to see all that on TV.

Saturday night we went to the opening of an American-style craft brewery here in Pristina called Sabaja Brewery. It was such a fun event, and we were all more than happy to support the new businesses owners at their big opening. Our Ambassador and the Kosovo Minister of Finance both spoke and congratulated the owners on their entrepreneurship and hard work. (More about Sabaja Brewery here:

sabaja 1

sabaja 2


And that was our weekend!

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