Almost Fall

I consider myself a summer person, because I love just about everything about it -cookouts, holiday weekends, laying by the pool with a good book and a cocktail, and vacations. But I also really, really love fall! It’s getting cooler in the evenings here and you can tell fall is creeping in, and I’m excited for it.

Ever since I started dating JR, football has become something I like more and more about the fall. At first, I was just watching the Tennessee Volunteers and cheering because it meant that we could still spend Saturdays together. Then it became more of a habit and whenever any big game was on, we’d get together with our friends, make food and watch the games together. I found myself watching football almost all day – even on a Saturday when he was out of town!

A few years ago, he decided to try out Fantasy Football. While I really knew nothing about the NFL, I did know a few things about fantasy. My stepdad has been playing forever. He and a group of work friends would come over to our house one Sunday every August, and it was a big deal and my mom, siblings and I weren’t supposed to be home. It was his big day, after all. This was back in the day of dial-up internet. We had AOL, and every Sunday, Joe not only took over the computer, but also the phone line. My friends knew they couldn’t get a hold of me on Sunday’s because the phone would ring busy all day. My life was hard. (Speaking of AOL, do you ever wonder if your old profile is still up there, somewhere? If mine is, I can only imagine what it says. I bet in my quotes section I have some Maroon 5 or Hoobastank lyrics that were TOTALLY APPLICABLE to my life.)

Anyway, JR plays Fantasy Football too now, and it’s funny because he and Joe can have these long extended conversations about it, going into a lot of detail. And instead of just spending our Saturdays watching college football, we would also spend our Sundays watching the NFL (and Monday nights, of course). We were wondering how we could continue that in Kosovo.

Our friends over here recommended the Game Pass package from I was sold before I even knew the price, but JR took a bit more convincing. Just in time for the games yesterday, we ordered Game Pass and got to enjoy a few hours of NFL (and a typical Browns loss) from the luxury of our couch. And we made pulled pork in the crock pot – it was almost like being home!

Bring on the fall!

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