An Important Test

I wrote this post shortly after finding out I was pregnant. I’ve written a few other posts about the experience so far, and now that we’ve shared the news, I’ll publish those soon.

I’d been looking forward to our trip home for weeks. I was excited for JR’s sister’s wedding, to see our families, to eat great food, and also to have a fabulous day of shopping, topped off by dinner and drinks with my friend Elizabeth.

Elizabeth knew we had talked about trying to have a baby in the fall, and would occasionally ask me if I was going to accidentally get pregnant and lose the ability to drink while I was home. I reassured her it wouldn’t happen that way!

On the Sunday before we came home, I reailzed I was one day late. I did not think I was pregnant, I just thought something was up. (I’m very much a worst-case scenario worrier, so I actually thought my ovaries just up and quit working).

I had purchased some local pregnancy tests the last time I was near a pharmacy. They are only 1 euro each, and from the packaging, they look nothing like what I’m used to seeing at home. But when in Rome, right?

So Monday morning I took one of those tests and it was negative. Same result on Tuesday. Elizabeth was checking in with me regularly, and it was nice to chat about it, because JR was very unconcerned about my status. This is probably due to the fact that in the past, I’ve had a few times where I was CERTAIN I was pregnant, and I’d scared him half to death. So he takes everything I say with several grains of salt.

We traveled all day Wednesday. At the Dulles airport, as we were going through security, there was a very pregnant woman in line beside us. She asked to skip the scanner and be patted down instead. JR jokingly touched my stomach and said maybe I should do the same. I swatted his hand away and told him to stop messing around! Thursday morning when I woke up, I took another Kosovar test. There was the faintest pink line. Now, it’s like 6am. JR is asleep, and I’m furiously Googling “What does a faint pink line mean”. All signs on the internet (which is never wrong) pointed to pregnant. I woke JR up to tell him that I thought I could really possibly be pregnant. He said “hmm okay” and rolled back over to sleep.

We had to pick up a rental car that morning, and I was going to be gone all day visiting two of my friends. I had a lot of anxiety and didn’t trust the Kosovo test, but I wanted answers! We picked up two fancy digital tests at CVS (much to the chagrin of my very frugal husband who thought the digital was an unnecessary expense), and headed to get the rental car. I realized that we wouldn’t have time to go back to his parents’ house to take the test, and I did not want to wait until that evening to figure it out (plus, if this was all a big misunderstanding, I wanted drinks a drink at dinner!).

This led to me taking the test in the bathroom at the Budget Rental Car store. It came back invalid – basically saying I’d done something wrong and it couldn’t give me an answer. Seriously, expensive digital test?? I was really bummed, but I had to get going. I know JR felt bad that I had to leave right then and we still didn’t know.

I had a lovely day with my friends, and Elizabeth and I did lots of great outlet shopping. She was convinced I was pregnant, and teased me about buying pants and dresses that might not fit for long. I was becoming more convinced that I wasn’t. We had dinner at Cheesecake Factory (where I refrained from the booze, but not the cheesecake). At the end of dinner, she said, why not just take the other test right now?

So for the second time that day, I took a test in a public bathroom. Keeping it classy! But this one came back with an answer – pregnant!

8 thoughts on “An Important Test

  1. Your journey continues, and oh what a journey it has been! You are an amazing young woman who married an amazing young man. You will both be great parents and I couldn’t be happier to be a Grandma! Love you!

  2. Hahha! At the end of your post I thought the little youtube thing was something you posted, like a sonogram picture….so I sat there and watched the whole ad before I realized you didn’t put it on there!!!

    • Ugh, those ads appear because I’m still using the free blog site. I keep telling JR that I need the premium blog package and we could get rid of the ads! Maybe for Christmas. πŸ™‚

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