J’aime Paris

Way back at the end of July, we made the spontaneous decision to spend a week in Paris during the holidays. We had no idea of the big changes coming our way over the next few months, but the tickets were booked and we were going to spend New Year’s Eve in Paris! JR and I have both been to Paris before but we wanted to experience the city together. Plus, I wanted to work on my French language skills long dormant from my high school classes.

As our departure date became closer, I told JR I would spend some time loosely researching the sights we wanted to see and making a plan. Well, once I started I couldn’t really control myself and the next thing I knew, we had a 9-page detailed itinerary that had us hauling butt all over Paris to see as much as possible.  I am so my mother’s daughter.   We stayed on the Ile St. Louis and had a wonderful time.

Paris in pictures.

Notre Dame


Eiffel Tower




Les Invalides


Rodin’s The Thinker


Saint Chapelle


View of the Louvre and Siene


Gardens at Versailles


My favorite crepe maker


Sacre Coeur on New Year’s Eve



Christmas Markets and Arc de Triomphe in the background


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