Fun with Numbers

I love reading other people’s blogs.  There are a ton of pregnancy or parenting specific blogs and they do weekly updates with all sorts of information that I find fascinating to read, but I have zero desire to share my symptoms or weight gain or even worse, the status of my belly button right now.

However, I’ve been a bit obsessed with numbers, countdowns and to-do lists, so I figured I could share some of the things running through my head these days.

I’m 26 weeks pregnant.  The first 20 weeks seemed to go by very slowly, but now I feel like time is flying.

I’m probably leaving Kosovo in 7 weeks (how did that happen?!) and will spend more than 3 months in Ohio to have the baby.  I haven’t lived in my hometown for that long since the summer of 2005.

While pregnant, I have flown about 25,500 miles and been to 5 countries (7 if you include layovers in Germany and Austria, but those don’t really count).  I’ll tack on another 5,000 miles to get home in March.   On my last flight to the US, I asked Lufthansa how much it would cost to upgrade my economy seat to a business or first class ticket, because I’m concerned that when I’m ginormously pregnant I won’t even be able to pull the tray table down at my seat.  For a mere $3,000, I can upgrade to a fancy seat that reclines to a bed.  Or, I could pay $150 for a seat with 5 extra inches of leg room.  Looks like it’ll be standard economy seating for me!

We are still figuring out many of the logistics of me being away from Kosovo for so long.  First, we need to find someone to take care of our cat during the time that JR is with me in Ohio.  We’ve never left her for this long before and I feel awful about it.  We’ve talked about flying her back with us, but we decided it would be worse for her to have to make two long distance flights in a short period of time.   She didn’t really enjoy it that much the first time and it was also upsetting and stressful for us.

Apparently we also need a place for this baby to sleep.  We ordered a crib, mattress and some sheets from Amazon.  They wouldn’t ship to our DPO address, so I had to use the Diplomatic Pouch – and frankly, I have no idea if they will actually arrive here or not.  Over the next few weeks we plan to rearrange some furniture, try to get rid of extra stuff and reorganize our place, and make room for what seems like the 95 different baby holder devices we registered for (I still can’t really tell you the difference between a bouncy seat, a swing, a pack n play, and a rock n play).

We have probably 10 different baby books at our place.  I’ve started most of them and finished none.  Maybe if I worked on that, it would shed some light on the various baby holders we’ll be using!

99 days til my due date.   Holy cow.

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