Baby Shower Fun

shower katie and eliz

I’m pretty sure I have the best friends in the world. Definitely the best party planners! Last weekend Katie and Elizabeth (featured above!) threw me the sweetest baby shower. The theme was “Welcome to the World Baby G” and all the decor had to do with travel – like a Baggage Check for the gift table, In-Flight menu for the meal, and luggage tags and trail mix as party favors.

shower cupcakesshower flower

shower gift tableshower souveneir

The best part was seeing so many of my girlfriends – including one special guest who traveled all the way from Nebraska!
shower group

Katie is super crafty and talented, and she MADE THESE (well, not the wooden toy. But she could probably totally do that too). Such sweet gifts and very meaningful!
shower gifts 2

Knowing me as well as they do, the hosts only planned one game: matching celebrity baby names to their parents. I follow my celebrity news VERY closely, so I felt pretty confident about this one. They were tricky though – for example, did you know that Toni Collette has a son named Arlo Robert? (Random side story. One morning in law school, when JR and I had been together for maybe six months or so, we sat down for class and started the routine of setting up our laptops, and checking the news online. Almost at the same time, we both gasped and said something like “oh my gosh!” I glanced over at JR’s computer, assuming he was looking at the same news tragedy as me. His screen showed the CNN homepage, and there had been a ferry boat collapse in Egypt with over a thousand people on board. This was not, in fact, the same news I was reacting to at that moment. I had opened up to and read that Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear were divorcing, and I was shocked and hurt. It seemed best not to bring it up with him right then, though.)

Baby G was certainly feeling the love. The hosts made sure JR didn’t feel left out, these two gifts were picked out especially for him!

shower gifts 1


It was a great afternoon, and I’m so thankful for my wonderful friends!

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