Adventures in Babysitting

I know, I know you aren’t supposed to call it babysitting when it’s your own baby.  But it made me think of the movie and I loved that movie.  I don’t understand why Elisabeth Shue wasn’t a bigger star.

Anyway, two weeks ago when JR left for training in DC, I tried to be all positive mental attitude “you can do this!”  In reality, I felt more like this:




For the most part, things have gone swimmingly.  Abby is smiling, giggling, and showing a little more personality each day.  It’s clear she adores me.

more abby

But we’ve also had our share of mishaps, including one coming home from grocery shopping.  Let me back up though, to a time when I was pregnant and my mother texted or e-mailed me DAILY to tell me about certain specific baby items that I simply HAD TO HAVE in order for me and the baby to survive.   She was particularly stuck on me having a grocery cart seat cover for Abby.


(note, that is not my kid)

My initial response was “Why would I need that?  Why would I ever take my baby to the grocery store?”  My mother was appalled to say the least.  Horrified even, that I would deny her future grandchild a weekly trip to get groceries.  We went back and forth, round and round for a few days.  My argument was simple.  I’m a creature of habit.  Almost every Sunday morning, around 9am, I drive – alone – to Viva Fresh and buy groceries for the week.  Before Viva Fresh, it was the Giant store in Alexandria.  And before that, the Kroger  in Columbus.  JR isn’t even invited.  I like to do this by myself.  So, why would I take the baby?  Wouldn’t it be more logical for the baby to stay home with him?  The funny thing is that my mom was seriously perturbed by the whole thing and the baby wasn’t even born yet.

Neither of us could see the other person’s point of view.  At this time, we have no shopping cart cover for poor Abby.  However, I did take her to the grocery store last week.  I had to because apparently you can’t leave them home alone at this age.

The trip itself was fine.   Except that her infant car seat is SO HEAVY.  It’s supposed to be super convenient to take her in and out of the car, but there is nothing convenient about feeling like my arm is going to fall off.   She also takes up the entire space of the shopping cart, so I had to strategically place groceries around her.

abby viva

When we arrived at home I surprised myself by successfully backing into our garage, something I’ve never been able to do before.  I was feeling a little proud and maybe even smug.  I figured I could carry Abby (in the ridiculously heavy car seat) and all the groceries through the garage and up the stairs in one trip.   Well, trip I did.  I made it a few steps before catching my foot on the uneven surface in our garage and me, the bags, and the baby went sprawling.  She was the last thing to drop and she landed totally upright (unlike me).  I turned around to check on her, worried that she’d be screaming in a second because it had probably scared her, but my sweet girl was fast asleep and still snoring.  Couldn’t be bothered, that one.  Meanwhile, I was feeling like


Not my finest moment.  I’ve also had a few hiccups with bath time.  Bath time is super easy with two people, and JR and I have a nice system that works for us.   On my own it’s a different story.

Last night I carried her into the bathroom and turned on the water.  We have a detachable shower head:

shower head

So I took it down and laid it in the bottom of the tub to wait for the water to get warm before I filled her little baby tub.  I would have just stayed in the bathroom and taken her clothes off there, but I suspected she had a dirty diaper so off we went to her room to get changed.  When we returned to the bathroom, I was in for a surprise.  The shower head had flipped over so that the water was spraying directly up from the tub and all over the bathroom.  A full on rainstorm in the bathroom.  There was SO MUCH WATER.  All I could do was laugh and carefully make my way to the tub to turn it off, getting us both a bit wet in the process.  Mind you, she’s naked.   I think she may have peed on me during the chaos  but I can’t be sure because I was pretty wet from the shower head anyway.  Sigh.

The important thing is that we both survived, and JR is coming home TOMORROW!!


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Babysitting

  1. Classic! Absolutely hysterical. Glad you survived. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. My how things change with baby!

    When do you find out your new post location ?

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