Oh Shelby

Puppies are exhausting.  Maybe more exhausting than newborn babies.

I experienced a very broad range of emotions over the weekend while we had the puppy.  As I said, I was kind of riding this high of “you did such a good thing, you’re a good person!” into Friday evening, until I found out we couldn’t take the puppy to a shelter.  I started to feel nervous wondering what I had gotten us into and how it would all play out.   Initially my emails with Jill (the woman trying to rescue pups here) and her colleague Debra (she lives in the UK and is just interested in helping) gave me great hope that we could send the puppy on a plane to Canada in a month or two for adoption, and all I would need to do in the meantime is pay 25 euros a month to a foster family who would take care of her until then.  Totally simple, right?

Those positive, hopeful feelings went downhill quickly on Saturday when Jill and Debra were pushing me (understandably so) to find my own solution and explaining the puppy could actually be here for several months before getting adopted in Canada, if that ever happened at all.  They were still adamant that a shelter was not an option.  I suddenly felt very overwhelmed and mad at myself for taking this puppy off the streets. She was sweet, but she was peeing all over our apartment.  Even though we were taking her out every 2 hours, which is NOT easy to do when you have a husband who had to work all weekend and a baby in the other arm.  I have a tendency to go from “la la la life is a fairytale” to “this is the WORST thing ever and my life is in shambles” really quickly.



photo (5)

After we cleaned her messes, we put down paper towels so we wouldn’t step in on the wet carpet.  This is just a small sample of how it looked in our apartment.

Luckily JR was doing his best to be supportive and helping with the puppy whenever he could.  That included sleeping in the guest room with her by himself for 3 nights so we didn’t have to worry about her in our room, and taking her outside during the night.  He’s good people.

Jill and Debra told me that we should name the puppy. I suspect they were hoping I’d open my cold anti-puppy heart and decide to keep her, and they thought having us name her would be a good step in that direction.  JR suggested Shelby or Trudy from one of the best movies ever, Steel Magnolias.  Shelby won.

drink the juice

Drink the juice, Shelby.   I had high hopes to deliver Shelby to a foster family on Sunday evening.  But I realized she would need more vet visits, and the foster family lives about 15 minutes outside of town, making multiple trips there and back rather inconvenient.  We kept her overnight once more, and I made it my mission on Monday to convince someone to give her a temporary home.  At lunch that day I asked everyone who walked through the door if they wanted a puppy, and to my ASBOLUTE DELIGHT, a wonderful guy named Adam (who shall now be referred to as Adam the Saint) said he could give her a home for a few weeks.  First problem, solved.

Now we’re full steam ahead to dealing with the bigger problem, finding Shelby a permanent home.   The amazing thing is, I have a friend in the DC area who wants to adopt her.  And we have a friend of a friend here who will be flying back to the US in a few weeks who is willing to fly with her!  Hooray, this is all incredible news.   If only it were that easy though.  There are so many logistics involved in getting Shelby to the States.   We need to make sure all of her shots are up-to-date, that her paw is well enough for travel, that we have the right crate (airlines are VERY particular about this) and paperwork for the flight, and we have to pay for it all.   It’s pretty expensive and with 5 visits to the vet already, plus each follow-up trip, I can see the dollar signs adding up in JR’s head.  Plus Adam the Saint told us that Shelby chewed through his patio screen door, so we’ll need to replace that as well.

Thankfully, a truly great group of friends (including Shelby’s future owners!) have offered to pitch in to help with some of the costs.  If you have any interest in helping out as well, please leave a comment or send me a message!  We are hoping to purchase her airline ticket in the next few days and have her on a flight to DC by the middle of the month, if everything goes according to plan.

Hoping that my next post about Shelby will be to report that she’s gone global!  To be continued…

shelby 3shelby 2


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