The Shelby Trials

Well, the puppy is still here.  Fortunately, she’s currently in the care of our friend, Saint Adam, but I had reallllly hoped she’d be in the US by now.  I spent a significant amount of time making sure all of her paperwork was in order prior to her flight (which included more phone calls with Turkish Airlines than I care to count), that she had all the necessary shots, and taking her to multiple vet visits for her paw.   An amazing group of friends came together to donate money to cover the cost of her plane ticket, and a very kind soul (N) was willing to take Shelby on her flight back to DC.

It all seemed perfect!

Until we arrived at the airport that morning and learned that Shelby’s first flight to Istanbul was delayed by two hours, which would cause her traveling companion to miss her connection to DC.  At that point, we didn’t know if N would be spending the night in Istanbul or trying to change her travel plans to get home.  She was already doing us a huge favor by agreeing to fly with Shelby, but we could not ask her to deal with all of the unknowns of an overnight flight delay with the puppy.

I was SO disappointed, standing in the airport with Shelby whimpering in her cage, when I had to put her back in the car and return her to Adam’s house.  She was thrilled to be back “home” and with her playmate Rudder.   So now we are back to asking our friends and colleagues if anyone is traveling to DC in the next few weeks, and willing to be an escort for this sweet pup.  The back up plan is for JR and I to fly with her when we return for our R&R at the end of November.   Our DC friends who want to adopt her are willing to wait for her (they are really good people!) so that’s what we do now.  We wait.

Whyyyyy did I think this was a good idea?



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