We had our very first (and likely only) visitors recently – my parents came to Kosovo!  They flew through DC and Istanbul and arrived tired but very excited, especially when they saw Abby waiting for them at the airport!

pic 1

Waiting patiently for her grandparents to arrive and feeling special for being up past bedtime!

pic 2

On Sunday,  we walked downtown and showed them around Pristina.  We took them out to dinner at Pinocchio, because it’s our favorite place and we knew they would like it.  It turned out that our Ambassador had dinner plans there as well, so my parents were able to meet her, which was a nice treat.  Monday morning we woke up pretty early to start our road trip.  4 adults, 1 baby,  a stroller and about 6 bags made for a pretty tight fit in our car, but we managed!

We drove through Albania and Macedonia to get to our final destination – Dubrovnik, Croatia.  It took us around 8 1/2 hours with several stops, and although we were all tired by the time we arrived, it was well worth it.  The city is beautiful.

pic 3

The next morning we did the walking tour of the Old City walls.  It’s pretty incredible to walk around and see the views of the water, ruins from the 1991 bombing there, and all the history.

pic 4 pic 5 pic 6 pic 7

pic 8

We spent the rest of our time eating, exploring, and enjoying our great apartment located right beside the city walls.  If you’re looking for a place to stay in Dubrovnik, I highly recommend Dubrovnik Apartment Source.   JR and I did walking tour of the old town at night, and we also rented sea kayaks for a few hours.  One really great thing about traveling with family is that you have built-in babysitters!

pic 9 pic 10 pic 11 pic 12

We had a really fantastic time and I was sad to leave.  On our way back to Kosovo, rather than driving around the Bay of Kotor, we took a short ten-minute ferry ride (and only 4.50 Euro!) across instead.

pic 13

We had a few more days with my parents before they had to leave and we filled them with another trip to Pinocchio, a visit to Bondsteel, and quality time with Abby.  Oh – and baby girl showed us her first teeth!


It was so nice to have family here and I was really sad to say goodbye.   I continue to be grateful for video chats and e-mail to stay in touch, and I’m really looking forward to our next visit home!

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