Remember Shelby?

Of course you do!  I wanted to share a little update from M & L, Shelby’s amazing adoptive family:

“She’s definitely a daddy’s girl.

shelby 1

She’s learned lots of new things including “lay down” and “stay”.  She runs right to her crate when we say “Shelby bed.”

We’re still having some challenges with the other dogs getting used to having her in the pack (note, Shelby now has FOUR brothers and sisters), but it gets a little better as time goes by. She loves to play in the backyard, and Lobo is her best friend- whether he likes it or not!!

She likes to play with her little rubber tire and snuggles for head pats.

Her paw healed well. She is missing a nail and one of her paw pads didn’t heal quite right, but you’d never know given how she runs and jumps and plays. It doesn’t seem to bother her at all.

The vet didn’t have insight as to her breed – we may do a doggy DNA test at some point to find out.”

shelby 3 shelby 2

Makes my heart happy to see and hear about Shelby doing so well.  Thanks again to everyone who helped make it happen!

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