Mtatsminda Park

We took Abby to a small amusement park that overlooks the city called Mtatsminda.  The drive took about 30 minutes from our place and parking was frustrating because we didn’t know exactly where the entrance was located or where we should go, just that it was by the park.  You can park at the bottom of the mountain and take the funicular up which would probably have been a more convenient option in hindsight.  We skipped it thinking it would just delay our arrival and I wasn’t sure how much Abby would care about the funicular, but we’ll definitely try that route next time.

The park was larger than expected, and it was hot so I became quickly annoyed when we couldn’t figure out where to buy tickets for the rides.  After walking around for a bit, JR came through in the knick of time by locating a ticket booth where you purchase a card and can put as much/little Lari as you want on it.  We also stumbled upon a map of the park at that point, which also included ride prices – very helpful!  They ranged from about 1-5 Lari.  Abby is still a bit small for many of the rides there, but we found a few that she really enjoyed.  The flying bumblebees and the carousel were big hits. She did not understand why she had to exit after the ride was over and it took a lot of explanation (and crying) for Abby to agree to exit the rides. I think JR took her on those bees at least 3 times.

park 1 Bees

They also had a few smaller arcade-style rides including cars that move and play music which she enjoyed.  Her favorite by far was the trampoline though. It was just a small kids trampoline with the netting around it, and I have no idea how much they charged us or how long you are supposed to “ride”, but she jumped forever.  She loved it.

We took a break for ice cream and this was probably the highlight for all of us.  Abby’s eyes were so wide when she grabbed the cone, and she made us laugh while she made a mess eating every single bit of that ice cream. It had cooled down a little by this point and we really enjoyed the people-watching and the view of the city.  We did encounter some trouble during our bathroom break.  The restrooms near the kid area had Turkish toilets.  Not my favorite thing under any circumstance, but particularly less so with a newly-potty trained toddler.  We improvised and lived to tell about it (note – apparently there are regular toilets in the cafe near the funicular.  Clearly, the funicular would have solved many of our problems.)

We had a really nice afternoon and we definitely plan on going back!

park 2

ice cream 2 ice cream 1

ice cream 3 ice cream 4

One thought on “Mtatsminda Park

  1. Clarissa has developed an uncanny ability to always find the squatty potty (as we call them) in a line of seemingly identical stalls…..Georgia, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia….

    The funicular is fun, it is like another park ride (and as a FYI, you put your “tickets” to ride that on the same card you used to ride the amusement park rides…..)

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