I’m Jenni, and I started this blog to update our friends and family when we moved to our first post in Pristina, Kosovo (2013-2015). We are currently posted to Tbilisi, Georgia, where we live with our two children.


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  1. Hi Jenni, I am so excited to see your blog! Congrats on starting a family 🙂 It is never ending chaos, fun, and frustration… Welcome aboard! I look forward to reading how you get on.

  2. Hi Jenni. I ended up on your blog by searching “kitchen aid in Tbilisi” lol. Our family lives in Georgia as well, although right now we are in the states on a furlough, but we should be back soon! I always get overly excited when I find foreigners in Georgia! Lol did you order you kitchen aid from Amazon.uk?

    • Hi Iryna! Hope you enjoy your furlough! I ordered the Kitchen Aid from Amazon.com, not sure if you can find them on the UK version? I love it!

  3. Hi, Jenni! Love the blog! I’m a fellow diplospouse in Zagreb, Croatia – our first post also – and fellow blogger over at http://www.morganprovince.com/traveling-newbies! Like you, I was hired as a CLO for our embassy but am stalled by clearance and hiring freeze. Good luck, and I hope all of this waiting turns into an amazing CLO experience for us!

    • Thanks for reading and congratulations on the CLO position! I’m catching up on your blog now. Did you guys find a way to call the US/have a US phone number? We use Obi Hai and it works great. I was actually thinking I should do a post on that – you’ve inspired me!

      • Aw, I’m inspired by your blog! You’ve connected with so many others in the Foreign Service life. Right now we use WhatsApp and Facebook calling, and we’ve used Skype a little to call landlines. I will have to look into Obi Hai!

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