I’m Jenni. I started this blog to update our friends and family when we moved to our first post in Pristina, Kosovo (2013-2015). Our second post was Tbilisi, Georgia (2015-2019). Now we are headed to Cairo, Egypt, with our three kids (5, 2.5 and 5 months) for the next four years.


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  1. Hi Jenni, I am so excited to see your blog! Congrats on starting a family 🙂 It is never ending chaos, fun, and frustration… Welcome aboard! I look forward to reading how you get on.

  2. Hi Jenni. I ended up on your blog by searching “kitchen aid in Tbilisi” lol. Our family lives in Georgia as well, although right now we are in the states on a furlough, but we should be back soon! I always get overly excited when I find foreigners in Georgia! Lol did you order you kitchen aid from Amazon.uk?

    • Hi Iryna! Hope you enjoy your furlough! I ordered the Kitchen Aid from Amazon.com, not sure if you can find them on the UK version? I love it!

  3. Hi, Jenni! Love the blog! I’m a fellow diplospouse in Zagreb, Croatia – our first post also – and fellow blogger over at http://www.morganprovince.com/traveling-newbies! Like you, I was hired as a CLO for our embassy but am stalled by clearance and hiring freeze. Good luck, and I hope all of this waiting turns into an amazing CLO experience for us!

    • Thanks for reading and congratulations on the CLO position! I’m catching up on your blog now. Did you guys find a way to call the US/have a US phone number? We use Obi Hai and it works great. I was actually thinking I should do a post on that – you’ve inspired me!

      • Aw, I’m inspired by your blog! You’ve connected with so many others in the Foreign Service life. Right now we use WhatsApp and Facebook calling, and we’ve used Skype a little to call landlines. I will have to look into Obi Hai!

  4. HI, I was reading your blog and I see you at one point used the Britax B agile double stroller for travel. I am traveling to Aruba from NYC with a 4 year old and 5 month old and wanted to take it. Did you use any bag to gate check it? and how was it getting through security? Do you need to put it through the xray machine? Did it fit folded or did you have to take wheels off?

    Appreciate you input as it looks like you have logged extensive traveling with you kids.

    • Hi Jeff! We do not use a bag for our double stroller. We had a bag for our City Mini Single, and not only was it a hassle (we had to remove the wheels), but I thought it contributed to our gate checked stroller being left behind on more than one occasion. I’ve now come to realize that’s just our bad luck, it happens to us far more than the average family! My main advice would be to keep the stroller with you as long as humanly possible and ensure you are placing it in the correct spot to be added to the plane (different at different airports). For example, Turkish requires you to put your stroller in a huge plastic bag they provide, and that’s the only way they’ll take them. We have to take the kids and any extra items out of the stroller and then we either push it, or they push it for us, through the security area (beside the xray machine). They usually use a hand wand to scan it, and sometimes also they do a check of my hands with some type of swab test. It doesn’t take much extra time. It would not fit on the xray conveyor wheels on or off, we’ve never removed the wheels. We really love traveling with that stroller and have found it really useful at airports and during long layovers. Wishing you smooth and easy travels! And thanks for the comment and question – I love talking about strollers and traveling with kids!

  5. Hey Jenni! Hope your week is going awesome! So, it looks like my fiancé and I are going to be headed to Cairo for our first overseas post, and I see you’ve just moved there. What are some pieces of advice you’d have? I would love to talk more!

  6. Hi Jenni- So glad you made it to Ohio and so grateful for teleworking, right?! I love reading your blog. As a Journalism major from Miami U. I truly appreciate a finely crafted story and you create one beautifully with each post. My kids are older now so I can simultaneously empathize and sympathize when I read about your daily life with little ones. And you seem to keep your sense of humor, congratulations!
    Good luck over the next few months, and if you come to the DC area (post social distancing) we have babysitters galore in our house (and DoS references). 🙂
    Stay well,
    Jodi Yeager

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting. It’s been a crazy several weeks (feels like a year!) but our pace is slowing and we’re glad. I really appreciate hearing from you. Hope you and your family stay safe and well during this crazy time.

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