Back in business

I haven’t blogged in a LONG time.  I started a few posts and kept meaning to go back and finish them and well, I didn’t.  So I’ll just make a fresh start of things and do a little catching up here.

  • The holiday season in Tbilisi was wonderful.  We spent Thanksgiving with friends, enjoying a delicious turkey and all of our other favorites, including pumpkin pie (Abby ate her piece AND JR’s.  I knew better than to offer to share mine!).  They did an incredible job hosting 10 adults and 8 kids, and it reminded us of all of our Thanksgivings back in the States.
  • December flew by.  There were work parties, the Embassy kids’ party (see below for Abby’s pure joy at meeting Santa), and about 87 boxes from various retailers and family to sort through. We spent most of Christmas day in our pajamas, taking our time opening gifts and playing with Abby’s new toys, before having dinner with our friends and their kids.  Our favorite part of Christmas was giving Abby her play kitchen,  which we bought for $50 from the next door neighbors who were leaving for their onward assignment.  JR loved it because it was already put together.  With all the parts and screws, it probably would have taken him hours to build.
  • My mom came to visit!  She was here for about 10 days and we had the best time.  We  Skype with my family almost every night and it’s part of Abby’s evening routine to talk to Nana.  (Even when she plays with her toy phones and we ask who she’s talking to it’s inevitably “Nana” or “Papu.”) Abby was thrilled to spend time with her Nana, and Nana clearly felt the same way.  I had planned a lunch and trip to the spa for facials and massages, and when I was telling my mom the details, she started crying.  Not out of joy, mind you, rather she said “I’m just going to miss Abby.”  All because I wanted to spoil her for an afternoon!  She pulled it together, though, and we had a fun afternoon at the Radisson Blu spa.
  • We’re making plans for our first R&R, and although we could travel just about anywhere in the world, we’ve decided to visit Ohio. In March.  That’s what missing family (and Dairy Queen and Target) will do to a person!  The plan is for Abby and I to fly back a week before JR, so I have less than two months to panic about traveling alone with her.
  • JR and I each turned a year older.  Crazy that we met and started dating when I was 22!  Oh our youth.
  • That’s basically it. We’re boring.  But I’m determined to blog more frequently in 2016.  Until then, here are a bunch of pictures from the last few months.


swing 3 swing 4
Swinging in Rike Park


Playing in the big sandbox at QSI (the international school nearby)


santa 1 santa 2
Abby was really excited to see Santa and Tovlis Papa, the Georgian Santa


shades stickers
Showing off her shades and playing with stickers in her new tutu


Tbilikids christmas market
TbiliKids and Christmas market with Nana


penguins selfie
Sopo, Abby’s nanny, has been putting her hair in pigtails the past few days and I think it’s the cutest thing ever.



Anytime JR is out of town, I take full advantage of the chance to watch all of my favorite guilty pleasure shows.  Last week, that included MTV’s The Challenge (I heart you forever, CT),  Survivor and The Amazing Race,  and I just started Gilmore Girls on Netflix.   I also relived my youth starting with a viewing of Macho Man: The Randy Savage Story.

You might be surprised to learn that I used to be a HUGE wresting fan, particularly the WWF.   I’m not sure how it started, but in the late 80s – mid-90s, I loved watching wrestling on TV with my stepdad.   For the major events, like Wrestlemania, Summer Slam, and the Royal Rumble, we would get together with family friends to watch. Occasionally when the WWF was at the Richfield Coliseum near Cleveland, we would get tickets and go see them live.  This was before wrestling became popular again with Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock, and the like, so we were always able to get cheap tickets really close to the ring.

At the beginning of each match, I would run up to the railing and hope that I’d get to hive-five one of my favorite wrestlers.  In my wildest dreams, I imagined that Bret ‘The Hitman” Hart would meet my gaze and hand me his prized sunglasses before entering the ring.

brett hart

Sadly, that never happened.  Rather, my claim to fame is that once before a tag-team match, one of the Bushwackers grabbed my head and licked the entire side of my face, from chin to forehead.  I’m not making this up (note, JR says this is a story I should probably keep to myself).


I adored Hulk Hogan – who didn’t?  He was the best of the best and I considered myself a Hulkamaniac.  JR bought me the Hulk Hogan Ultimate Anthology DVD for Christmas the year it was released (so did my mom, and really, it’s just smart to have two copies).   I also loved the Macho Man. What was not to love about this guy?  I was obsessed with the love story with Ms. Elizabeth.  Every once in a while, I’ll go to YouTube to rewatch his on-air proposal and her amazing response (starts at 1:33).

What’s crazy to me is that this was clearly pre-Google days, so I NEVER knew that they had already been married for several years when they set up the whole dating/engagement/marriage stuff on TV.  That wouldn’t work now because everyone would know, but back then I bought it completely!

Anyway, the documentary was really well done and had me smiling and in tears.  I loved seeing other wrestlers talk about the Macho Man, and I even saw my former flame, Bret Hart, in interviews.  It might seem strange that a young girl would be that into professional wrestling, but what can I say?  Sometimes I’m weird (yet another thing JR thinks is best not to share with all 11 of my blog readers).


macho man