Party in the USA

Somehow, it’s been a month since Abby was born.  Here are a few highlights of the last 4 weeks!

– We were surprised on our second day in the hospital when a photographer came in for an impromptu photo shoot.  Abby was barely 48 hours old, so we had low expectations for the pictures.  The photographer did a really good job of soothing her and trying some different poses, but when she showed us her price brochure, we knew we weren’t interested, especially because we had a scheduled appointment with a local photographer a few weeks later.   She came back to our room a few hours later to show us a slideshow she’d created with the photos.   Next thing you know, we are all in tears (me, JR, and my sister who was visiting), and I told JR we just HAD TO HAVE the $160 package.  Even more surprising is that he agreed without another word – that should tell you what a smooth operation this lady was running (and how sleep deprived we were)!   Some of our favorites:

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And the picture that makes my heart explode:


– Our girl would prefer to sleep the day away, so in an effort to keep her awake more, I’ve started singing to her.  It’s quite unfortunate for her because I can’t sing on key to save my life. (You would be surprised to learn that I was part of a group that won FIRST place in our junior high talent show, performing as back up singer for our good friend K.  The song was “Nobody Knows it But Me”, which over the years my family has changed to “Nobody Knows How to Sing.”  My part was tragic.)  Anyway, I wanted to sing songs to Abby and I was racking my brain, the only thing I could come up with was “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”   Drawing a complete blank on other kid songs, I started singing Kesha and Miley Cyrus to her, much to JR’s dismay.  But when I sang “Party in the USA” complete with moving her around – you know, nodding her head like yeah, moving her hips like yeah – I’m telling you the child was loving it.  It was a sweet bonding experience.

– We’ve had so many visitors the first several weeks, and it’s been fun introducing Abby to our friends and family.  It was especially nice to welcome our friends Shawn and Amanda, and their little guy Logan.  Shawn is one of our dearest friends from law school (he was the bell ringer at our wedding, a very important job!) and he always dreamed of visiting Orrville.  Abby was glad to give him a reason to finally make the trip!

shawn orrville

– JR had to leave on Sunday for two weeks of training in DC.  I’ve been solo parenting (and I use that word VERY loosely, considering my grandparents are upstairs and my mom is always nearby to help) for barely 3 days now and holy cow.  We had our biggest diaper blow out to date, I failed to properly pack my diaper bag twice, and I’m convinced the baby hates me.  Maybe things will get better? (Since writing that sentence, the diaper situation has continued to decline.  Yesterday while changing her, she managed to put her foot in her dirty diaper, and then she deliberately kicked me with said foot, and made a huge mess.  Abby 10, Jenni 0.)  We’re headed to DC for the weekend to visit JR and I can’t wait!

abby one monthabby pink outfit