La Vida Lopota

For Labor Day weekend, we joined some friends and their kids at Lopota Lake Resort in the Kakheti (read: wine) region of Georgia.  The drive took about 2.5 hours and despite some very windy roads, it was relatively easy. A friend tipped us off that we should specifically request ground floor rooms in the S building, which we reserved several weeks in advance. Alas, when we arrived those rooms were not available, but the L building, right next door, suited us just fine.  I do recommend the ground floor rooms because of their great patios and you get to avoid the stairs!

Although the weather had cooled a bit, we still took advantage of the multiple swimming pools right away. The food at dinner was decent, but a bit overpriced. The restaurant decorated their walls with bottles of wine (full bottles, which is important to this story).  JR asked the server for a glass of that specific type of wine and the server hesitated, saying “Oh. I will have to check if we have that.”  We all looked around bewildered because there were dozens of bottles around us, including one within arms reach by  JR’s head. The server returned a few moments later to confirm that unfortunately, they did not have that type of wine available.


Oh well, he ordered a beer instead.

The next morning after breakfast the air was a bit cooler and we noticed that some of the other guests’ children were bundled up like it was full blown winter.  I think it was maybe between 65-70 degrees?  The weather did not keep us from a last dip in the pool!  We only stayed one night so we didn’t explore all of the grounds, but there was plenty to do and we will definitely visit again next year.

lopota lopota-3 lopota-2

We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing at home. Our friends from down the street came over for a farewell dinner – they are headed back to the U.S. for a few months.  Abby and their daughter, K are best buds and I was really sad to say goodbye!

One last hug!

On Monday, Abby helped me make cookies.  She was quite impatient waiting for them to  bake!

abby-cookies abby-cook-3 abby-cook-2

We closed out the weekend with a sunset bike ride.

abby-3 abby-1

Our first visitors!

Over Labor Day weekend we welcomed our first visitors – our friend L from law school and her fiance M.  L&M were on a whirlwind tour of Georgia and Armenia and spent two days with us in Tbilisi.   I do not have a single picture of us together – I don’t know how that happened!  I have no excuse.
I picked them up at the airport (where a very helpful police officer created a parking spot for me) and drove them back to our place, filling them in on what we’ve learned about Tbilisi so far.  The initial plan was for them to take showers and grab a bite to eat before heading downtown to sight see with JR, but they both fell asleep.  We warned them that the jet lag is rough!  They set off on their own for a few hours while JR and I waited for Abby’s sitter to arrive, and then we met them at a restaurant downtown called In the Shadow of Metekhi.  It was our first visit, and a great spot for anyone new to Tbilisi.  The traditional Georgian fare was tasty, they had singing and dancing, and a beautiful view of the city at night.
On Sunday, the three of them went to the Old Town to explore while I stayed home with Abby.   They rode cable car up to the fortress and walked down from there, shopped at the Dry Bridge market and had lunch at a small cafe.   They returned while Abby was napping and everyone rested (well, actually I watched Gilmore Girls because I’m kind of obsessed right now).  That night we went to Piano, an Italian restaurant for dinner.  The food was really good and they had a nice outdoor seating area, but since we were outside guests were smoking and that’s always a negative for me.  We’ll definitely go back but we’d probably sit inside next time.
On Labor Day L & M left for Kazbegi and other parts of Georgia, while JR and I enjoyed an extra day off at home.  I especially enjoyed it because I met at friend at the Radisson Blu Spa for a facial and head massage.  It was glorious!  The spa is on the 18th floor and has beautiful views of the city.  If you have spa services booked, you can take advantage of the indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam room, and other amenities.  It was a perfect way to relax after a busy weekend!
radisson 1 radisson 2