My first Mother’s Day

No big deal, but last week JR and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world.  Abigail Grace was born on May 3, weighing a whopping 7lbs, 3oz.  She’s healthy and happy, and we’re having a great time figuring out this parenting business.

abby hospital

Last year on this day, JR and I had just packed out of our apartment and we were living in a hotel in DC, about to move to Kosovo.  I talked him into having brunch at our hotel that morning.  More than once, he asked me how much the brunch would be and I said I wasn’t sure of the price, but probably around $40.  They were offering bottomless mimosas and I couldn’t resist.  We were having a fantastic meal and taking them up on that mimosa deal.  Justin remarked “you know, this will probably be the last Mother’s Day that you aren’t a mom.”  Tears welled up in my eyes and I told him that was a really sweet thought.   It was a perfect meal and we were having a great time…until the bill came.  It was $79 BEFORE tip and JR’s reaction looked like this:

jim carrey gag


Anyway, fast forward one year and here we are!  I woke up this morning to some sweet baby snuggles, a card from JR that made me cry (but what doesn’t these days?), and then went out to lunch with the other moms in my family.  It still feels a bit strange to refer to myself as a mom, but we are having a lot of fun together so far.  Well, I’m having fun and I’m choosing to believe she thinks I’m great!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, my mother in law, my grandmothers, aunts and dear friends and moms-to-be!

abby car seat

(Note – the car seat picture was taken before the nurse came in to show us how to properly tighten the straps.  She just looks so cute and tiny in there!)

abby 1

abby mother's day