A trip to Mega Pet Shop

There is a small pet store down the street from our apartment. I’ve heard mixed reviews about it, but we’re out of cat food and litter (we sent these items in our consumables package but it hasn’t arrived yet) so I needed to go. Many small stores keep their lights out during the day. I’m guessing it’s because it’s hot, and to cut back on electricity costs. Electric outages happen frequently here – luckily all of our housing units have generators.

Anyway, I walked in and it was dark and not exactly super clean, but you know, it’s a pet store. There were two ADORABLE puppies hanging out.

photo 1

photo 2

Now in that second photo, in the back, you can’t tell but there is an opening and the bottom of someone’s legs standing there, facing away. I didn’t realize it until after I took the picture, but that is actually a small room and there were two vets (I pray they were vets?) doing surgery on a dog. Just like, right there for anyone to see. I didn’t want to see more than I already had, so I quickly found my items and waited to pay.

Well, turns out, there is no cashier in that store, only the two vets. Who were in the middle of doggy surgery. When they saw me waiting, one of the vets came out, big smile on his face, and happily added up my purchases and told me the total. As he handed me back my change, I saw I had blood on my thumb and I wondered how I cut myself. Only then did I notice that he was still wearing his SURGICAL GLOVES and they were COVERED IN DOG GOO. And now I had dog blood on my finger. I was – actually, as I type this I still am – completely grossed out. And he just smiled, either totally unaware or unconcerned about the mess and proceeded to put my items in the grocery bag and getting blood on everything. I rushed home to clean up.

Gross. Can you get rabies this way?